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True Beginner: A New Exercise Program, No Intimidation


True Beginner

It’s easy to want to get in shape — all you have to do is say the words. But why no action? Because you’re lazy? Because you just don’t have enough time in the day? Though those are common excuses, the real reason is often that you have no idea how to take the first step. The thought of doing a push-up, a squat — and just about anything involving weights — can seem too tough, too stressful, and downright terrifying at times. So what do you do? Where do you start when you’re tired of doing nothing? True Beginner.

Who Is a True Beginner?

Sharon Fredrickson was a typical high school athlete, playing both volleyball and basketball, practicing two to three hours a day — with a teenager’s metabolism to match. Sharon never had to pay much attention to diet. “Sports made me always hungry, and I would just constantly eat when I was hungry. It didn’t matter.”

During her senior year while going up to block a spike during a volleyball game, Sharon’s opponent slipped under the net, causing a crash landing. “I fell right on top of her and rolled my ankle forwards and sideways,” remembers Sharon. “I tore every ligament in it.” The injury kept Sharon off the court for the remainder of her high school career. And because she had only ever played team sports, she didn’t know how to work out alone. Sharon carried into her 20s without teammates and exercise of any sort, and the weight began packing on.

“It didn’t upset me too much,” recalls Sharon. “Of course I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain my high school weight.” Sharon got a job, was making money, and spent a lot of it going out to bars, eating and drinking her way through the night. “We would go to TGI Fridays and order nachos or potato skins,” says Sharon. “And those were always accompanied with beer or Long Island Iced Teas.” By the end of her 20s, Sharon had packed on 40 pounds, weighing in at 185.

Her 30s rolled around, her metabolism slowed down even more, and it was “just fantastic,” jokes Sharon. “I don’t remember the exact point — well, because I think it was every time — I would try to go on a hike or ride my bike and I’d get so out of breath,” says Sharon. “It made me upset that I couldn’t do the things I used to be able to.” Her solution: Going out to the bar with friends. “Instead of walking through a tough time in hopes to come out on the other side, I did what everyone does,” recalls Sharon. “I walked away from it.”

Topping the scale at 240 pounds in March 2012, Sharon connected with an old friend whom she saw living actively despite personal health struggles. “I said to myself, ‘OK wait a minute, if she could get up every day during a difficult time in her life, I could get over my ankle injury,” says Sharon.

Sharon went through stages of running, quitting and running again. Over the next six months, she lost five pounds but was still only logging a 15-minute mile pace. Frustrated she’d only dropped so little, Sharon journeyed down to Santa Cruz to visit her friend who reminded her that five pounds is still five pounds. “Sometimes you just have to hear it from the right person at the right time,” says Sharon, who returned home with a new outlook.

That June of 2012, Sharon moved from Sacramento to Hermosa Beach. “I can see the ocean from my bedroom window,” says Sharon of one lifelong dream. She got a new job that she enjoyed and started running every day. Sharon also did some research and totally revamped her diet, eating vegan two to three days a week, and avoiding dairy completely. She ended up losing 50 pounds, weighing 190 today.

But there was still something missing. Sharon wanted to do more than just run; she knew other types of exercise had major benefits as well, such as resistance training to increase strength and calorie-burning potential. “I would go to gyms, but I always felt alone,” says Sharon. “Trainers weren’t able to modify moves so they would push me, but I wasn’t able to do what they wanted.” Sharon realized she needed to go back to basics and relearn the foundation of training from the beginning. That’s when she found DailyBurn’s True Beginner.

True Beginner

Why Does True Beginner Work?

Whether you’re starting out or starting over from a long hiatus or injury, True Beginner takes the intimidation out of being active again. The program brings users back to the fundamentals of fitness to help boost energy levels and build confidence. Over four weeks users will master the basics with trainer Justin Rubin, a fitness industry vet of over 10 years with a background in group fitness and martial arts. From bodyweight squats to lunges, Justin provides modifications for every exercise so beginners can reach their maximum potential at their own pace. And don’t worry about feeling inadequate next to scantily clad fitness models. The workouts are demonstrated by real people, including Sharon who was selected as one of the featured True Beginners in the series.

From the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or on-the-go, users can expect to build a solid foundation for future fitness endeavors, focusing on three pillars: Stability and Mobility, Core and Strength, and Cardio. But don’t let those words intimidate you. Each week, True Beginner will fire up your metabolism and help you strengthen from within, all while making it a point to reduce risk of injury. So check your ego at the door and no matter your starting point, everyone is welcome at True Beginner.

To get started with True Beginner, visit dailyburn.com/truebeginner to sign up today, free for 30 days. 

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